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About Us

At ConexionMED, we are committed to providing a unique and quality medical experience nationally and internationally. Our objective is to connect patients from all over the world with highly trained specialists in Colombia, through personalized and accessible teleconsultations, in addition to guiding the different treatments planned in the country. We strive to provide a unique and satisfying healthcare experience that combines technological innovation, medical ethics, and human commitment to our patients.

In addition, we focus on fomenting confidence and ease by providing detailed information about the procedures and treatments available in Colombia, the costs and the expected results, so that patients can make informed decisions about their health and the possible trip logistics necessary to be treated in Colombia. We strive to create a long-term relationship with our patients, supporting them at every step of their medical journey, from telemedical consultation, trip planning, treatment and recovery. Permanent accompaniment is the heart of ConexionMED.

“At ConexionMED, we pride ourselves on having a medical team of highly trained specialists certified by renowned national and international medical associations. Our doctors are committed to providing exceptional medical care to our patients, applying the latest techniques and technologies in their field. In addition, we make sure that our doctors continue to be constantly trained and updated to guarantee that they always offer the best care to our patients.”

About Us - ConexionMED


At ConexionMED, our goal is to become global leaders in the provision of specialized medical services through teleconsultation and the organization of international medical trips to Colombia. We want to be recognized as the best option for international patients seeking quality, specialized, and accessible medical care in our country. To achieve this, we will continue to constantly innovate and improve our processes, technology and services to exceed the expectations of our patients and position ourselves as a benchmark in the global medical industry.”

Today, there is an increased demand for high-quality healthcare, especially in countries where the cost of healthcare is very high. In addition, technological development and the availability of telemedicine services have allowed patients to receive medical attention from specialists anywhere in the world without having to physically travel. If specialized treatment is required, the patient can evaluate the possibility of traveling to Colombia, taking into account that medicine in our country is of high quality, at very competitive prices and, additionally, we have a great offer in medical tourism that can be very attractive. Patients are expected to increasingly seek medical tourism options that combine medical care with tourism, cultural, and recreational experiences.

In this context, companies like ConexionMED can help position Colombia as a first-rate tourist and medical destination.



  • Commitment to medical ethics: At ConexionMED, we are committed to the highest ethical and quality standards in medical care. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing exceptional medical care, based on scientific evidence, respect and dignity of the patient.
  • Excellence in customer service: At ConexionMED, we focus on providing personalized customer service, offering detailed and clear information about our services and treatments, and being responsible and reliable at every step of the medical process.
  • Innovation and cutting-edge technology: At ConexionMED, we are committed to using the latest technology and the best medical practices in our services, to guarantee the best quality and efficiency in medical care.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: At ConexionMED, we value teamwork and collaboration among our physicians, staff, and patients, to achieve the best outcomes in healthcare and organizational development.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement: At ConexionMED, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our services, processes, and technology, to guarantee the satisfaction and loyalty of our patients, and to be a benchmark in specialized online medical care and international medical tourism.


Best Quality of Treatment & Patient Care by professional Doctors – Global Telemedicine & Medical Tourism in Colombia

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