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What is Psychology about?

Psychology is the science that deals with the study of the mind and human behavior. This field focuses on the analysis of mental processes such as perception, learning, memory, thought, emotion and motivation; as well as the way in which these processes influence behavior.Each area of psychology has its own theory, research method, and specific goals, but they all share the common goal of understanding human behavior and helping improve people’s quality of life. Some areas are:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
Clinical Psychology:

This area of psychology focuses on the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. Clinical psychologists work with people who experience mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. They use therapy and other techniques to help people overcome their problems.

Social Psychology:

This area of psychology studies how people interact with and influence each other in groups and societies. Social psychologists are interested in topics such as conformity, prejudice, persuasion, leadership, decision making, and intergroup conflict. They can also work to understand how social factors affect health and well-being.

Developmental Psychology:

This area of psychology examines how people change and develop throughout their lives, from a child to old age. Developmental psychologists may study topics such as cognitive development, emotional development, language development, and social development. They are also interested in how factors such as family, culture, and environment affect development.

Cognitive Psychology:

This area of psychology focuses on how the mind processes information, including perception, memory, thought, and language. Cognitive psychologists study how people acquire and use knowledge, how they solve problems and how they process sensory information. They also investigate how individual differences in cognition can affect everyday life.


This area of psychology focuses on how the brain and nervous system influence behavior and mental processes. Neuropsychologists may study topics such as sensory perception, memory, attention, language, and emotion. They may also work to understand how brain injuries and other neurological conditions affect behavior.


Uses of Psychology

Psychology is used in a variety of fields, including education, health, business, sports, and criminal justice, to help people improve their lives and overcome the challenges they face.


Some of the most common reasons to see a psychologist include:

  • Emotional and psychological problems
  • Behavior problems
  • Family problems
  • Work problems
  • Self-awareness

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At ConexionMED you can find the best mental health professionals willing to listen and guide you in the best way.

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In Colombia, the profession of psychology is regulated and psychologists have the necessary training to provide a wide range of services, ranging from the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders to guidance and counseling in everyday situations. This is something that ConexionMED understands very well, and that is why it makes a select group of these professionals available to its patients, who are willing to help and guide them in the best possible way. The help of a psychologist is essential for those people who seek to improve their emotional well-being, their mental health and their environment.

Can Help You

If you feel you need support on any of these issues, ConexionMED can help you.

Family problems:

Families facing communication problems, interpersonal conflicts, parenting problems, can seek the help of a psychologist.

Work problems:

People can seek help from a psychologist if they are experiencing work problems, such as work stress, workplace bullying, motivation problems, among others.

Behavior problems:

Psychologists can help people who are experiencing behavior problems, such as addictions, eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, among others.


People can also seek the help of a psychologist to better explore and understand their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and develop skills to improve their emotional well-being.

Emotional and psychological problems:

People can seek the help of a psychologist if they are experiencing emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem problems, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, among others.

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